MR Essential Physics

with Donald McRobbie, author of MRI from Picture to Proton

Aimed at users of Siemens MR equipment, this two day course will guide registrants simply through the complexities of MR physics, covering all the essential aspects required to enhance their understanding of clinical applications. Topics covered include basic and advanced image formation, k-space and its applications, artefact avoidance, image optimisation, fundamental physics, basic and advanced pulse sequences, MR hardware developments and MR safety.
Led by world renowned MR educator and author, Dr. Donald McRobbie, participants will gain insight into the essence of MR technology through intuitive teaching, workshops and hands-on sessions using MR console simulators.

Participants will receive a signed copy of “MRI from Picture to Proton” when they attend the class.

The course is suitable for all radiographers, radiologists, physicists, engineers and researchers who wish to develop a deeper understanding of MR physics.

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Never mind the buzzwords: jargon busting and basic scanning
Spaced out: image formation
What’s wrong with this? Artefacts and their avoidance (quiz)
The final frontier: k-space and its applications
The parallel universe: parallel acquisition techniques
What you set is what you get: optimisation workshop
Getting in tune: resonance and relaxation
Acronyms anonymous 1: spin echo
Diffusion weighting
Acronyms anonymous 2: gradient echo
Water and fat imaging
Hardware horizons
MR safety workshop

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