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MRI is a complex modality, both to learn and practice. Are you struggling with it’s complexity? Too many pulse sequences to remember? Basic understanding evading you? Or do you need help to know how to control SAR or B1+rms?

Explore this site to find educational resources, tutorials, commentary, news and details of courses to aid with professional development so that you can scan your patients safety and effectively.


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ACPSEM MRSE certification

Change to the pacemaker limit: what does it mean?

Certified MR Safety Experts: update

The Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) has published a list of MR safety experts (MRSE) certified to practise in Australia and New Zealand. Certified MRSEs have completed an extensive course combining theoretical knowledge, electro-magnetic theory, practical assignments, and assessment by exam and interview. The list can be found here.

Further details of the course.

New course dates for 2023 – Australia & New Zealand

in class

15 October 2023, Adelaide, SA

Australia – in class


4 November 2023

New course dates for 2023 – UK

Eden Learning: MRI the inside story- from picture to proton

MRI: the inside story. Intermediate course

London UK, online/ in class. Dates TBC

MRI: the inside story. Intermediate/advanced course

London UK, in-class/online. 12-14 Sept 2023

Eden Learning: MR Safety First

London UK, in class / online 10-11 May, 2023

London UK, in class / online 5-6 September, 2023

In recent years MRI safety has received increased media attention with growing public concern. From controversies over the use and side-effects of gadolinium to projectile accidents, a serious adverse MRI event always makes news. It doesn’t have to. It is possible to practice completely without incident, as long as you understand the essence of MRI safety.

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