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My aim is to provide world class MRI physics and safety education and training, medical imaging physics and radiation safety consultancy.

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Just released:

ISMRM-SMRT virtual meeting 27-28 February (time zone dependent) in MR Safety.

6 things you didn’t know about MR Safety- Donald McRobbie

Implants and the MR worker– Michael Steckner

Registration details:


Essential MR Physics

Brisbane, QLD 28-29 March– only 3 places left

Details and registration: https://pep.siemens-info.com/en-us/mr-essential-physics

Essentials of MRI Safety

Dubai, UAE Date change- 13 June 2020. Registration: healthineers.academy.ae@siemens-healthineers.com


Agenda_Essentials of MR Safety_13 June 2020

Further information:

Flyer_Essentials of MR Safety_13 June 2020

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MRIS History UK ebook

Personal accounts from UK-based pioneers of MR imaging and spectroscopy.

New blog post on MRI Safety Standards and Guidance.

Eden Learning: MRI the inside story

Basic course.

11-13 May 2020. London UK

Eden Learning: MR Safety First

London, UK .

10-11 September 2020

Details and registration