MR Essential Safety

with Donald McRobbie, author of MRI from Picture to Proton

This one day (or two evening) course covers all the essentials of clinical MR safety including, magnet safety, bio-effects, pregnancy, occupational exposure, safety standards and scanning passive and active implants. Led by a world renowned MR educator and MR safety expert, registrants will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge base necessary for their clinical practice and as a foundation for the role of MR Safety Officer. Interactive sessions will illustrate the use of MR conditions, the safe design of MR suites and the institutional governance of MR safety. A concluding quiz gives participants the opportunity to test their level of MR safety knowledge. The course is suitable for all radiographers, radiologists, physicists, engineers and researchers with an interest in MR safety.

Hosted by Siemens Australia-New Zealand.

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Systems and safety: what’s the attraction?
But is it safe? MR Exposures and Bio-effects: B0, B1, dB/dt
Hot, cold and loud : SAR limitation, fever, acoustic noise, cryogens and quenching
Pregnancy considerations and MR contrast agents
But what about us? Occupational exposure
Safety standards: RANZCR, ACR, ARPANSA, IEC. Are they relevant?
Safety first: Passive implants
Safety second: Active implants
Would you scan this? Understanding the conditions- interactive session
Location, location, location:  MRI suite design
The last word: Organisation and Governance
MRI safety quiz