History of MR in the UK

A fascinating ebook/website has been compiled by Graeme Bydder and Martyn Paley outlining the history of the development of MR imaging and spectroscopy in the UK. There are personal accounts from some of the pioneers including the late Ian Young and Bill Edelstein and many others. There are also obituaries for international researchers including Nobel winners Sir Peter Mansfield and Paul Lauterbur. There is some great and insightful reading material on the everyday and behind-the-scenes struggles of the researchers in the context of their wider lives, the real world stuff that never makes its way into scientific papers. Even the most highly revered started their careers with tentative steps, wondering where the next job or grant would take them, wondering if this new modality would lead to anything useful.

I felt very honoured to be asked to contribute a chapter But is it safe? regarding my early work on MRI safety in Aberdeen and later developments in clinical fMRI in London.

You can access the ebook here-

MRIS History UK

It is free, simply requiring email registration. A huge thanks to Graeme and Martyn for compiling this important historical archive.

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