SAR and B1+rms calculator update

The SAR and B1+rms calculator has been updated to version 2.2. This uses a more realistic model (assumes the body within the RF coil is a uniform cylinder, rather than a sphere). It also calculates the average (whole body) SAR whereas before it calculated the peak SAR- so it doesn’t so easily jump out of the Normal Mode. The equation used to calculate SAR is similar in form, but now contains an additional geometric factor. For those really interested in the physics (not really!) this comes from a 1990 paper by Michael Harpen and some work from my PhD- a long time ago!

All pages and posts have been updated with a link to the new version.


Eddy current distributions in cylindrical samples: effect on equivalent sample resistance (medical NMR application)

M D Harpen

Physics in Medicine & Biology, Volume 34, Number 9 p1229-1238

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