Essentials of MRI Safety- corrections & clarifications

The following lists a number of corrections to the current published version.

Table 2.1:

FerromagneticM is parallel to external H and B0
M is actually anti-parallel to the internal H, the “demagnetising field”.

Figure 2.21: The force at each end is T/l (torque divided by length). The equation stated in the caption is the total twisting forces on the object.

Example 2.7: The rotational force here is the sum of twisting forces on the ends of the object.

Example 2.8: Similarly 2057 N is the combined twisting forces.

Chapter 2 revision question 1: Option A. 1.485 T

Example 4.2: T m-1 should read T s-1.

Equation 4.9

Equation 4.10

Equation 4.11a-c

Chapter 5: Steffan should read Stefan.

Chapter 7 p 164. The inverse probability weight adjusted risk of hearing loss is 1.04.

Table 8.2: Concentration is in mmol ml-1.

Page 205 Mythbuster: High conductivity results in more RF heating.

Page 210: dB/dt should read dB/dz.

Examples 9.1, 9.2, 9.6, 10.6, 11.15: These calculations are for the net twisting forces on the object.

Chapter 11 p265: T/m not “T/s”.

Equation 11.3: similarly shows the sum of twisting forces.

Equation A1.83: This is the resistance per unit length: Rm/d.

Equation A1.84: Multiplying constant is 1/6.

Answers to revision questions: Chapter 2 question 5: the correct answer is C.

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